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Business Strategy Needs a sober mind


Business is tricky at the beginning but enjoyable when you have things working to your advantage.

As you start your business, you are excited and nervous at the same time. Your business plan all indicates good returns and a bright future but wait a minute, have you taken care of uncertainties?

What do you do when things aren’t as planned? Business strategy needs a sober mind. Your level of education may or may not help you in this case.

entrepreneur needs a big heart

Real Issues

Your approach to real issues is your savior at this point. You have to be hands-on and on the ground, if things have to work as expected.

An entrepreneur needs a big heart. You need strength and a sober mind to handle issues with facts and not emotions.

That is why we are here to hold your hand through it all. We want to give you hope in the hopeless business environment.


Learn from the experts and only copy what works for you for business sustainability



What is the best way to handle competitors?

Competition is inevitable; focus on your strengths and learn their weaknesses. You will control a high market share percentage.



What are the dos and don’ts for startups?

This is a topic of a comprehensive topic discussed in our blog. Have a look at it and get all the details as a startup company.
The most important of all is that walk your pace and learn along the way. Never be overambitious but be consistent and determined in quality service delivery.

Should You abandon the traditional marketing strategies in the digital marketing Environment?

Is it advisable to take credit to start a business?
Starting a business on credit is the worst mistake any entrepreneur can make. You can only do that for expansion when you are sure of the current business dynamics.
If you have to take it, have a backup plan for repayment.
When an online business is doing perfectly well, should you start a physical shop to expand?
To answer these questions, it’s important to understand where your clients are. If they are online, then opening a physical shop is an exercise in futility.
If they are walk-in customers, it’s time to open a shop to look at what they need.

What are the indicators of business expansion?

When you are making more sales every day and consistent in it, it’s time to expand.
When your loyal customers are demanding expansion, they let the demand push you to expand after thorough market research on its viability.


When should I close down the business?

This is a question no one wants to ask or hear. However, it’s the reality in the corporate industry.
When you feel you have done your best, you have given it your all, but you still make losses, it’s time to close down.
That is not a weakness but a way to rethink your stand when it comes to business strategy.
Use that as a learning point to come back with a boom ready to conquer the market.
Business requires patience, commitment, consistency, and hard work. Without these virtues, you may not even open your doors to the public.
You may even close down at the breaking point.


When should You say you are breaking even in business?

Breaking even in business is when you are making no profit or loss. What happens when the business is at its low moments, or it’s picking up?
You shouldn’t fear breaking even in business, depending on how you handle the situation at hand.
It proves your growth or failure in the dynamic business environment.

What are some of the factors to consider when opening a business?

Opening a business is fun and enjoyable but among profits and maintaining the business is the main headache.

Some of the things you should consider when opening the business include


  • Location
  • Market demand
  • Opportunity cost
  • Infrastructure
  • Competition